Patients join My Medical Hub free of charge. Once a member, patients can Find a Doctor, view their medical records, track treatments, track progress and more...

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can join My Medical Hub and become certified to perform MMH Musculoskeletal Health Assessments, offer their range of services to Patients, and more...

Corporate Wellness

Employers can work with My Medical Hub Healthcare Providers through a wellness program to identify high health risks and how to reduce their exposure and the costs thereof and more...

MMH Partners

Health Risk Assessment organizations can join My Medical Hub and become certified to perform Musculoskeletal Health Assessments and integrate MMH health screenings into wellness programs and more...


My Medical Hub provides 24 hour access, 7 days a week to our nationwide medical support team with a simple phone call. Licensed physicians are available for all non-emergency medical concerns. Click here to learn more...

Personal injury online case management solutions
Worker’s Compensation case management solutions
Medical Documentation/Utilization solutions

Peer Reviewed Injury Health Risk Assesment

My Medical Hub Injury Assessment is the only peer reviewed and validated Musculoskeletal Based Health Assessment that produces a quantifiable Report of Findings for Musculoskeletal conditions with a 94% accuracy of quantifying injury based risk factors.

Secure Medical Record Exchange

My Medical Hub offers the first all encompasing internet cloud portal within the United States enabling secure real-time visibility to patient treatments. Multiple doctors can share, review, and discuss the best treatment path for patient's and/or recommend referral from a higher degree of information.