The free J-Score™ from MyMedicalHub™ helps anyone identify their risks for injuring one of over 350 joints in their body, minimizing healthcare costs and improving wellness in the process. So get your J-Score™ today.


Americans now spend over $1 trillion annually to treat musculoskeletal problems. Yet with your Free J-Score, you can learn if you are at risk to injure one of your joints — before it even happens. Whether you take more...


Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses any organization faces. But beyond costs, helping employees improve their overall wellness while reducing risks for injuries can produce massive benefits for all parties. more...


MyMedicalHub’s J-Score is a peer-reviewed assessment tool that utilizes massive anonymous datasets to deliver a 96% accuracy on predicting joint injury risks before they occur. As such, the J-Score gives Providers a more...


With nearly 20 million anonymized data records already at its disposal, MyMedicalHub offers a unique opportunity to a wide variety of healthcare Partners to analyze and predict best outcomes for new Medical Devices. more...


Beyond controlling and reducing healthcare expenditures, the true desire of most Individuals is to live a long and healthy life. To have great relationships. To contribute to society. To be Well. Achieving Wellness may more...

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Peer-Reviewed Musculoskeletal Injury Risk Assessment

My Medical Hub’s J-Score Full Assessment and J-Score Quick Screen are the only peer-reviewed and validated independent platforms that produce quantifiable Reports of Findings for musculoskeletal conditions with a 96% accuracy rate for identifying and quantifying joint injury risk factors.

Secure Medical Record Exchange

My Medical Hub offers the first all-encompassing cloud portal within the United States to enable secure, real-time visibility to treatments for patients dealing with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. This allows multiple healthcare providers can share, review, and discuss the best treatment path or Plan of Care for each patient and/or refer individuals to other providers.