MyMedicalHub™ is revolutionizing the $1 trillion1 musculoskeletal healthcare market with its peer-reviewed online platform that produces 96% accuracy at predicting joint-injury risks … before they occur.

The first inklings of what would become MyMedicalHub began as an insightful observation over 10 years ago.

Along the way, we’ve worked with professionals from the MAYO Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University; been published by the Journal of Medicine2; initiated beta launches with both Self-Insured Employers and Providers; and from these efforts we’ve now launched our J-Score™ Platform.

The J-Score™ Platform is a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand yet peer-reviewed scoring system that quickly identifies current and potential MSH risk factors.

Today, nearly 20 million datapoints later, our J-Score™ Platform is based upon individual Patient-provided data derived from

  • Personal Health History,
  • Family Health History,
  • Daily Activities,
  • Body Type, and
  • Range of Motion/Pain Level (if any),

which is then correlated against and compared with the entire database to produce the final J-Score predictions.

The outcome of this telemedicine-based data-gathering is a highly accurate, total body J-Score informed by four individualized Neck, Back, Arms and Legs J-Scores that range from a Low of 100 to a High of 399.

These J-Scores are accompanied by personalized Individual Report of Physical Findings and are derived from MyMedicalHub’s predictive analytics engine to help you quickly diagnose MSH risks and recommend specific Plans of Care per patient.

MyMedicalHub offers Patients both a 5—10-minute J-Score Quick Screen to provide an initial joint injury risk evaluation that does not require sharing private health information, as well as the more comprehensive J-Score Full Assessment.

This J-Score Full Assessmenttakes ~15—20 minutes to complete, but gives Providers sufficient information to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan if warranted.

And both the Quick Screen and Full-Assessment are free for Patients.

The benefits from MyMedicalHub’s J-Score™ Platform are many fold.

  • For Individuals, a J-Scoreoffers a quick snapshot of their overall joint health.
  • Within an organization, J-Scoreshelp employees identify body regions at greatest risk for joint injuries, while helping Employers
    • Lower healthcare costs,
    • Improve employee wellness and produce
    • Greater job satisfaction, all leading to
    • Increased employee retention, and
    • Better profitability.
  • For Providers, the J-Score™ Platform provides an easy-to-implement Patient recruitment tool, while also helping Providers lower costs and boost patient outcomes.
  • And for Partners, anonymized J-Scoredata provides a powerful toolset for product and service usage and deployments.

1 — Source: Annual MSH costs of $980 billion in 2014 (U.S.) via Based upon a 2% growth rate, MyMedicalHub estimates MSH costs of over $1.06 trillion in 2018.

2 — Journal of Medicine, “The Quantification and Tracking of Osteoarthritis,” March/April 2009.