Think of the J-Score™ as your Healthcare Magic Wand.

Whether you’re an executive at a self-insured organization or an entrepreneur with a handful of employees, you already know that healthcare costs represent one of your biggest risks. And your biggest cost centers.

What you may not know is that annual musculoskeletal healthcare costs now surpass $1 trillion*. And that’s just in the United States.

The tough part about this reality is that each of your employees is at risk for injuring one or more of the over 350 joints in his/her body. And if/when they do, your healthcare costs are going to go up. Guaranteed.

However, what if there was a way to quickly and easily identify joint-injury risks BEFORE they happened? Think about it:

  • Lowered healthcare costs,
  • Improved employee wellness, and
  • Greater job satisfaction, all leading to
  • Increased employee retention, and
  • Better profitability?
In fact, what if you could align new hires with jobs that minimized their risks for on-the-job joint injuries?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

So welcome to the J-Score™ from My Medical Hub.

The J-Score is an easy-to-understand yet peer-reviewed scoring system that quickly identifies the current and potential Musculoskeletal Health risk factors for the entire body or for a portion of a body, such as an arm or leg, or your back or neck.

In many ways a J-Score is similar in concept to a Cholesterol Score or a Blood Sugar Score in that it provides a number from 100—399 to predict an individual’s risk for suffering a joint injury before it happens.

And each J-Score is securely tied to one’s

  • Personal Health History,
  • Family Health History,
  • Daily Activities,
  • Body Type, and
  • Range of Motion/Pain Level (if any), and then

correlated against and compared with the entire database to produce the final J-Score predictions.

In roughly 5—10 minutes anyone can finish a J-Score™ Quick Screen to provide an initial joint injury risk evaluation that does not require sharing private health information.

In contrast, the more comprehensive J-Score™ Full Assessment takes 15—20 minutes to complete, but can provide healthcare providers with sufficient information to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan if warranted.

And as an Employer, we can also provide you with anonymized J-Score data across your entire company or by department, helping you get a better handle on addressing joint-care risks before they become real issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your firm can benefit from implementing a J-ScoreProgram, please contact us at or call us at 813-925-9621.

Or if you’d like, we invite you to get your own FREE, personal J-Score™ before contacting us so you can learn for yourself how quick and easy it is to learn about your own risks for joint injury.

And when you’ve done that, we’d love to talk.


* — Source: Annual MSH costs of $980 billion in 2014 (U.S.) via Based upon a 2% growth rate, MyMedicalHub estimates MSH costs of over $1.06 trillion in 2018.