Better Musculoskeletal Outcomes Across the Board with J-Score™.

If anyone understands the healthcare challenges of today, it’s you … the healthcare professional.

Rising costs. Capitation. Patient recruitment. Patient retention. Administrator oversight. Payor demands. Plan of Care compliance. Time.

Specifically, too much time needed to complete mandated tasks or not enough time to produce ideal outcomes for your patients.

And as a Healthcare Provider addressing musculoskeletal health (MSH), you already know that joint injury prevention and treatment is a massive problem.

$1+ trillion* to be exact, just in the United States alone.

It’s this MSH challenge that led the team at MyMedicalHub™ to begin a journey over 10 years ago to address this huge and complex problem. Along the way, we’ve worked with professionals from the MAYO Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University and been published by the Journal of Medicine1.

Today, nearly 20 million datapoints later, we’ve launched a proprietary, peer-reviewed online platform that accurately predicts MSH injury risks at a 96% accuracy rate based upon Patient-provided data on a patient’s

  • Personal Health History,
  • Family Health History,
  • Daily Activities,
  • Body Type, and
  • Range of Motion/Pain Level (if any), and is then

correlated against and compared with the entire MyMedicalHub database to produce the final J-Score predictions.

The outcome of this telemedicine-based data gathering is a highly accurate, total body J-Score™ informed by four individualized Neck, Back, Arms and Legs J-Scores which range from a Low of 100 to a High of 399.

These J-Scores are accompanied by personalized Individual Report of Physical Findings and are derived from MyMedicalHub’s predictive analytics engine to help you quickly diagnose MSH risks, recommend specific Plans of Care, and improve Patient Outcomes.

MyMedicalHub offers patients both a 5—10-minute J-Score Quick Screen to provide an initial joint injury risk evaluation that does not require sharing private health information, as well as the more comprehensive J-Score Full Assessment.

This J-Score Full Assessment takes ~15—20 minutes to complete, but gives Providers sufficient information to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan if warranted. And both the Quick Screen and Full-Assessment are free for Patients.

For forward-thinking Providers, MyMedicalHub offers a White Label version of the J-Score Platform that can be integrated into your Website. This allows you to use the free J-Score assessments and screens to recruit new patients, while tying the data directly into your existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) database both quickly and securely.

Or if you’d prefer, you can use MyMedicalHub’s own system as a foundational Electronic Health Record (EHR) approach.

Either way, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about your practice and how we might assist you in producing greater outcomes ... in all aspects of your profession.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how your firm can benefit from implementing a J-ScoreProgram, please contact us at or call us at 813-925-9621.

In the meantime, we invite you to get your own free, personal J-Score before contacting us so you can learn for yourself how quick and easy it will be for your patients to go through this process and how MyMedicalHub might serve you and your practice

And when you’ve done that, we’d love to talk.


1 — Journal of Medicine, “The Quantification and Tracking of Osteoarthritis,” March/April 2009.

2 — Source: Annual MSH costs of $980 billion in 2014 (U.S.) via Based upon a 2% growth rate, MyMedicalHub estimates MSH costs of over $1.06 trillion in 2018.